Are You Ready To BESOBR?


Through the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit and through the power of Jesus Christ, we present you with the miraculous healing power to be sober through our sober living courses.


Each course, is filled with teachings and words of encouragement leading to your rescue, renewal and restoration.


Each course builds upon the next. Once you take the 1st one, you can move on to the next.

With each course, you begin to experience the shackles of the darkness or dull-mindedness and self sabotage begin to break free.




Stings of life_ebook_action - websizeSTEP 1 – Be Rescued: This course will open up your mind to understand how you got stung, stuck and stranded by the Stings of Life – the root of your self sabotaging & unrighteous habits.

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letters-to-youSTEP 2 – Be Comforted: When Judith wrote these “Letters to You” she envisioned what she wished someone would have told her when she was stuck and stranded in the darkness of drunkenness. She understands your struggle and speaks directly to your pain providing comfort & hope for your situation.

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Paths of Righteousness_ebook_action - websizeSTEP 3 – Be Free: This course gives you the power & authority to be free from the bondage of darkness, depression and fear that comes from unrighteous living.

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wisdom_principles_ebook_action - websizeSTEP 4 – Be Renewed: This course gives you the Wisdom Principles needed to develop better coping skills when dealing with the Stings of Life. It requires the daily cleansing of your mind.

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Darkness of Drunkenness_ebook_action - websizeSTEP 5 – Be Aware: This course gives you the shocking truth about drunkenness & the trap of seeking comfort in substances instead of leaning on the wisdom & love of Christ.

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