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    Hello! Please don't leave this site, I am here to tell you there is no such thing as a hopeless situation! There is Hope for your Dilemma. Everyone struggles with revisiting reminders of the Pain of Mistakes. You are too valuable to be misplaced in drunken stupors. You were created good; you have just made goofy choices. You are a treasure to many. Do not allow the self-abuse of the disobedience of drunkenness to destroy your health, family, career or purpose. Problems and Pain do not mean failure! Problems and Pain signal our need of help! I am believing to see you victorious over this bad habit! This is all about choices.

    Choose to BESOBR - Come join us and Get a New View of You Believing for You

    Psalm 138:8

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    Do you or someone you know need help with self Abuse from substance use?

    If you are concerned with a drinking, smoking or drug problem and wish to learn more about BESOBR or want to find a class near you, we can help you get a new view of you.

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    We can help you to be under the influence of someone, not something!

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